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Sometimes having the perfect booth or set up at a trade show can give you an edge over all the other booths cluttered around you. A typical trade show consists of dozens of vendors, manufacturers or service providers all crammed into a large room and biding for the attention of buyers and reps. So, how do you make sure your booth stands out? Trade show displays.

It’s no secret that people are naturally drawn to something that catches the eye. Items that are visually pleasing create positive emotions in us. In the context of a trade show, your business can gain favorable attention by displaying your products or services in a creative and tactful manner.

What should you look to invest in if you attend trade shows on a regular basis or plan to start doing so? Here are a few items you should have in your arsenal.

are versatile, easy to transport and offer you a full-color pallet to display images of your products and offerings.  A retractable banner is simply a banner that pulls from a base and is held upright by a telescopic pole.  When you are done with the banner, you remove the pole and the banner retracts back into the base.

In terms of mobility, these banners are hard to beat.  They typically come with a carrying case and leave you carrying nothing larger than a rolled up banner.  They are very simple to raise up and put back down.

This gives you a great way to display full-color images of your actual products.

Another popular way to display is by using tabletop displays.  These, as the name implies, are set up on table or shelves.  They come in all shapes and sizes–mini retractable banners, tri-fold boards, lighted kits and brochure racks.

Once again, these are very portable.  And since many are made from printable materials, you can expand the full-color theme throughout these pieces.

A piece of advice is to not get carried away with too many pieces on your table.  This can create a cluttered look and end up confusing a prospective buyer.  It’s like going to a restaurant for the first time, opening their menu and seeing dozens of choices.  You aren’t sure where to focus, what the specialty is and what questions you should be asking.

Another must use piece should be placed in your backdrop.  This is what people will be viewing when they have decided your booth looks too promising to pass up.  A backdrop can be created a few different ways.

One way is by using a Hop Up banner.  Once again, as is necessary with trade show pieces, the hop up is very portable, easy to set up and can be printed in full-color.  The hop up typically unfolds like an accordion and will snap tight when completely set up.  These are available in a multitude of sizes and can be set next to one another to create a virtual landscape in your booth.


Trade shows have become visual spectacles, almost competitions.  It isn’t enough anymore to bring a rolled up banner and hang it by wire from a bar.  Some actual thought and effort need to go into presenting your company in an attractive manner.  The above items are considered the minimum items to bring to your booth.  You’ll do yourself a favor by investing in quality trade show displays.