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Dry Erase Glassboard Signs

Dry Erase Glassboard Signs are a great, class way to spruce up any office area or conference room.  Customers will walk into your office and see this amazing sign with the most vibrant colors hanging on your wall.  We print almost any image that is wanted on the glassboards.  No need to have a boring, white board hanging up, start with something fresh and exciting!

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(563) 424-5841

Glass whiteboards, also known as glass writing boards, have skyrocketed in the whiteboard market as time has gone on. Although everyone knows what traditional whiteboards look like, a lot of us have never seen a glass whiteboard. These boards, made of tempered glass are up to 10 times more durable than regular glass. With that, they are incredibly durable over time, contributing to making the investment worth it. Imagine never needing to replace your whiteboard again!


Additionally, glass whiteboards can come in any color. But when you think of glass, you, like us, probably think of a mirror, a car window, or another transparent surface. While this is an option, all-glass whiteboards can be printed to mimic a traditional whiteboard, a chalkboard, a grid, a map, or any other design you’d like!


Glass whiteboards are more attractive and interesting to look at than typical dry-erase whiteboards. They can show your company logo, or a beautiful image, or anything else you have in mind. Turn them into calendars, schedules, sales charts—or whatever else your heart desires. These signs can also be as small as 6″x9″ or as BIG as 48″x96″. This will make your office or workspace look attractive to visitors without compromising function for your employees and for meetings.


Want to know what they cost or want a quote?  Check out our Pricing Guide below and our contact us form!

Dry Erase Glassboard Signs Price Guide




Set Up Price (average) **

6”x 9”           Custom Glassboard

$ 53.89

$ 60.08

$ 30-50

9”x 12”         Custom Glassboard

$ 63.99

$   72.99

$ 30-50

13.5”x 18”    Custom Glassboard

$ 108.36

$ 122.99

$ 30-50

18”x 24”       Custom Glassboard

$ 160.29

$ 182.79

$ 75-100

24”x 36”       Custom Glassboard

$ 277.76

$ 322.76

$ 75-100

36”x 48”       Custom Glassboard

$ 485.78

$ 573.53

$ 150+

48”x 72”       Custom Glassboard

$ 916.97

$ 1,094.72

$ 150+

48”x 96”       Custom Glassboard

$ 1,186.40

$ 1,422.65

$ 150+

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